Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tubarc Structure

Tubarc – High Precision of Fluid Delivery
(US 6,766,817 July, 27 2004)

Tubarc from advance Hydrogeology provides new conceptions in hydrodynamics as unsaturated hydraulic flow for High Precision of Fluid Delivery/Retention/Enhanced Porosity Geometry

Tubarc can be used for the following below:

1. Enhanced Geometric Porosity
2. Fluid Delivery/Retention
3. Reversible Self-Watering Potted Plants
4. Irrigation Under Demand

5. Molecular Drainage
6. Molecular Filtering
7. Self-Inking Writing Tools (pens, markers)
8. Self-Inking Printing Devices (printers, cartridges)

9. Geotechnology
10. Biotechnology/Molecular Separation

11. Fuel Cell General Hydrology
12. Heat Transfer Technology

Title: Fluid Conduction Utilizing a Reversible Unsaturated Siphon With Tubarc Porosity Action


A method and system for harnessing an unsaturated flow of fluid utilizing a reversible unsaturated siphon conductor of fluid having a tubarc porous microstructure. Fluid is conducted from a zone of higher (+) fluid matric potential to a zone of lower (-) fluid matric potential utilizing a tubarc porous microstructure. The fluid can be reversibly transported from different zones bearing a differential fluid matric potential according to the status of the fluid matric potential in each zone utilizing the tubarc porous microstructure. The tubarc porous microstructure comprises an enhanced geometric porosity. In this manner, the fluid can be harnessed for irrigation, drainage, filtration, fluid recharging and other fluid delivery uses, such as refilling writing and printing instruments.

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