Saturday, March 25, 2006


New Conceptions in Dynamics for Energy Exchange on Mass Transfer
(US 20040237529)

Tubarc and Masstubarc are new conceptions in dynamics for High Precision of Fluid Delivery and Energy Exchange on Mass Flow by non partitioning of moving mass consequently preserving its molecular connectivity.

Tubarc is an issued patent
US 6,766,817 July, 27 2004 ‘Fluid conduction utilizing a reversible unsaturated siphon with tubarc porosity action’. It was filed another patent in-continuation regarding mass transport between inertial and rotating forces by Masstubarc Siphon (Pat. Pub. US 2004/0237529 A1).

Masstubarc can be used for:



Filtering/Molecular Separation
Heat Exchange
Lift and stability for aerodynamics
Biomass Molecular Engine, etc.

Methods and systems for reversibly exchanging energy between inertial and rotating forces’.


Methods and systems for exchanging energy reversibly between inertial and rotating forces with a masstubarc flow siphon by non-partitioning mass flow movement are disclosed. Energy can be exchanged reversibly between inertial and rotating forces utilizing a specific geometric design that preserves longitudinal molecular connectivity. A reversible masstubarc flow siphon can be configured as a symmetric interface for the contention of masses as linear in the inertial force zone and as arc in the rotating force zone. The arc section transfers the energy between linear and rotating motion reversibly and gradually. The geometric design would allow a reversible masstubarc flow siphon to work like a rotating pump adding kinetic and/or mechanic energy to the mass. If the device changes the rotating direction the flow can change direction moving the mass reversibly back. Also like a turbine collecting energy, if the moving mass possesses a high level of inertial energy, the energy can be transferred to the rotating device in a reversible mass direction.

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